Computer Monitor-ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM

Asus Tuf Gaming 27 inch monitor -VG279Qm

Asus Tuf has a revved up 280 Hz refresh rate. It’s almost 2x fast as a current 144Hz monitor. That means you can have the upper hand in any fight. Knowing that your upcoming battle will be in your favor with a 1ms response time. When dealing with graphics or video editing, you know that IPS monitors have that field mastered. 

First off, Tuf VG Series, widely known for its superior images and unique colors, allowing you to enjoy your farming for herbs, crafting a new armor set for the money. When looking at your new Asus monitor, you will notice the wide 178-degree viewing angles. In battle, this can be handy, allowing your movements to be precise and on point. 

The certified NVIDIA G sync compatible assures you will have a tear free gaming experience from your GTX10 and RTX20 series graphics card. You are able to choose from multiple HDR modes to adjust the performance to your liking. While you may think 1080P Full HD is out of date, think again. while taking into account the newest monitors out, such as the 4k and more overly priced monitors. Your best bet is to place your faith in Asus gaming for your gaming experience.

Lastly, I love this feature; it’s called Asus dynamic shadow boost technology. It dramatically improves the overall viewing and helps you identify the enemies hidden in the shadows before they find you.


  • HDMI Display Port
  • 280 Hz Refresh Rate
  • FHD 1080p Resolution
  • 1Ms Response Time
  • HDR 400
  • IPS Display 
  • G-sync Compatible

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