Samsung Odyssey G30A 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G30A 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Acer KG272 27-inch Gaming Monitor Full HD Stayhomeblues

Gaming made fun with Samsung Odyssey, this striking VA Panel with its crystal clear color, wide viewing angle, and Eye Saver Mode. That decreases harmful blur light that takes away the strain on the eyes so you can enjoy your gaming without eye fatigue.

Also, with the Black Equalizer Technology, it brightens darker areas without overexposing lighter regions; you can enjoy your gameplay, seeing deeper into the virtual world while getting the jump on your opponent.

In addition, Samsung Odyssey gives you AMD Free Sync Premium; this allows you to play your games without choppy images making gaming more fun.

Furthermore, you can enjoy what you love to do with clarity and sharper images. A step above the 720p high definition with the Full HD 1080p Resolution.

G30A comes equipped with a swift 1Ms Response Time; you can leave your enemies behind, leaving no doubt about who will win the battle.

One of the best features, the 144Hz Refresh Rate, you get two times faster speed than the traditional 60Hz monitors and have smoother & sharper successions while having greater control over your gameplay.

Odyssey G30A comes equipped with One HDMI 1.4, One Display Port 1.2, and Headphone Jack for your comfort.

This monitor is wall mountable 100mmX100mm or can sit on the desk. It has height adjustment, Tilt, Swivel, or Pivot for your comfort. And monitor weight with stand is 11.7 Lbs. & Without stand 8.4 Lbs.

Samsung Odyssey comes with one-year limited parts and labor.

Features:  Full HD 1080P

  • VA Panel
  • 1Ms Response Time
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD Free Sync Premium
  • Black Equalizer
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Game Mode
  • Eye Saver Mode
  • Refresh Rate Optimizer
  • Height Adjustment, Tilt, Swivel, Pivot
  • Wall Mountable 100mm X100mm
  • Weight of monitor withstands 11.7 Lbs. & without stand 8.4 Lbs.
  • One Year Limited Parts & Labor

Samsung Odyssey G30A 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Samsung odyssey g30a 27-inch gaming monitor

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