Computer Monitor-Sceptre IPS 27 Inch Computer Monitor

Sceptre IPS 27 Inch Computer Monitor (E275W-FPT)

Sceptre IPS 27 Inch Computer Monitor (E275W-FPT)

Right out of the box, This Sceptre 27 inch monitor delivers more extensive viewing angles while keeping your enemies clearly in view while battling. 

The FHD 1080p, with its fast Fast Response Time, gives you the speed you need with clarity, plus no more ghosting and blurring thanks to Anti-Flicker technology. You can be confident while having sceptre at your back.

75Hz Refresh Rate will be a feature you will enjoy. No longer will you be in the background fighting nameless but alongside the pros with your name on the leaderboard with the fast speed and the sharpness in action-packed gaming.

With the Edgeless Design, you will be completely submerged into your game and feel as though you’re a part of it as you battle the world beyond.

The sRGB Color Gamut gives a much more vibrant and defines the display of color on every image. Along with Blue Light Shift, you can play games or watch movies for more extended periods and be more comfortable on the eyes; without flickering with the Anti-flicker technology.

Please be aware that while this monitor has all these excellent features, you’re getting what you pay for in terms of gaming. 

This monitor is not designed for high FPS games designed around each millisecond counting, while small groups will work great with this monitor.


  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • 5ms G-to-G Response time
  • Anti-Flicker
  • IPS Panel
  • Blue Light Shift
  • FHD 1080p Resolution
  • sRGB Color Gamut
  • HDMI, VGA Ports
  • LED Display

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