Monoprice 24 Inch Crystal Pro FHD Monitor

Monoprice 24 Inch Crystal Pro FHD Monitor

Monoprice 24 Inch Crystal Pro FHD Monitor

With Monoprice 24″ crystal Pro, they are dedicated to providing you, the customer, with the best of brilliant colors with their grade A IPS Panel Technology, along with their Full HD 1080p Resolution and high-definition detail. You can have clarity and sharper images and enjoyment while playing or working, whatever it might be.

Monoprice 24″ Crystal Pro comes with a 75Hz Refresh Rate, a feature you’ll love. It has a swift speed that allows you to have control over your games and a smoother, more comfortable gameplay.

Also, with the rapid speed 5Ms (GTG) Response Time, you have swiftness; you need to play with the best of the best and have the jump over them with no lagging or motion blur, giving you the ultimate surprise over your opponent.

Another splendid feature we all love is the HDMI & VGA Video Input & 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output. These features let you connect to various devices for greater enjoyment.

Monoprice monitor is a standard Tilt Adjustment and can be adjusted from 5 degrees to 15 degrees to fit your comfort best.

This monitor is VESA Compatibility and can be mounted on the wall or sit on a desk. The stand can be easily removed for mounting on the wall. VESA mount is 75X75.

Moreover, this monitor comes with a One Year Pixel Perfect Warranty. And monitor Withstand weighs 5.8 pounds & without stand 5.3 pounds.

Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

  • Grade A IPS Panel
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • 5Ms (GTG) Response Time
  • HDMI & VGA Vides Input, 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output
  • One Year Pixel Perfect Warranty
  • Monitor weight with Stand 5.8 pounds, Without Stand 5.3 pounds

Monoprice 24 Inch Monitor

Monoprice Monitors are quick with incredible performance. However, don’t be fooled by unreasonable prices, thinking the monitor will be the best. Often, it was simply one big, expensive tool that did not live up to the cost. That’s why I search for monitors that seem perfect, and in some cases, it all depends on the support you get, of course, the amount of time you spend doing what you love doing. Buying a monitor comes with more than just a price tag and the quick-speaking store clerk. Know what you want before you even enter the store. With that in mind, Contact me anytime for help or with a question.
Thank you

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