Acer KG281K 28 inch Gaming Monitor

Acer KG281K 28 inch Gaming Monitor

Acer is keeping up with the competition with their 4K UHD Resolution that provides more precise and sharper images so you can enjoy your games or watch movies.

Also this striking AMD Free Sync Technology, you can enjoy your gameplay even more without any choppy or image tearing and have a more comfortable viewing while in competition.

Furthermore, with the 1ms Response Time, you’ll have the speed you need to play with the high speeded gamers and enjoy the fast moving action.

Moreover, with the 60Hz Refresh Rate, you have speed and smoother and sharper successions, and much more accurate shots every time.

With the TN Panel, the screen has the highest refresh rate in their price range, and as a result, it helps the gamer appear smooth and doesn’t have stuttering images.

In addition, Acer Vision Care Technology allows you to play longer successions of time and enjoy gaming more without eye strain or fatigue. Another feature is the HDMI Ports, and Display Port allows you to connect to other devices and makes gaming even better.

Features: 4K UHD Resolution

  • TN Panel
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • AMD Free Sync Technology
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Vision Care Technology
  • HDMI Ports and Display Port

Acer 28 inch Gaming Monitor, consider buying this model.

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