ViewSonic XG350R-C 35 Inch Ultrawide ELITE Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG350R-C 35 Inch Ultrawide ELITE Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG350R-C 35 Inch Ultrawide ELITE Gaming Monitor

This XG 250R-C Ultrawide ELITE gaming monitor. Shows its stunting QHD 1440 Resolution. That provides a broader viewing experience, including more explicit and sharper images you can’t go wrong. Enjoy gaming with a fuller view of each area you visit and feel pulled into the game with this unique 35-inch screen. 

The first Feature would be its 100Hz Refresh Rate. Now, 100hz, you’re thinking may be lower. I have seen other monitors for a lower price with much higher Hz. And while that may be true, this monitors itself brings more to the table than just the Hz. 

The second Feature will be the AMD Free Sync Technology. Eliminating screen tearing and stuttering; You honestly can’t go wrong; the old days are long gone. Welcome in the new with 35 inches of pure performance. And Clear Motion Technology utilizes backlight blinking and produces image blur for FPS games. 

ViewSonic delivers on this monitor with HDR10 Content Support. Providing incredible detail for video playback; colors are brighter and more vivid with excellent image detail and a fuller viewing as they were meant to be, for an unforgettable experience. 

With Black Stabilization, the days of dark areas where monsters hid and quests were hard to complete are gone. Giving light and higher visibility with greater detail by lighting up darker areas and helps you see your competition and enhances your chance to beat your opponents.

Furthermore, ViewSonic has HDMI Inputs and Display Port that gives you the flexibility to connect to other devices for better gameplay. 

Monitors made by ViewSonic are Ergonomically Designed for Gamers. You can have the perfect angle you need for long session games, and it tilts, swivels and height adjust.

Lastly, Low Input Lag helps decrease the delay between all inputs, allowing you to react in real-time against your opponents. And for peace of mind, the ViewSonic monitor comes with a three-year limited warranty. 

Features: 35 Inch Ultrawide ELITE Monitor 

  • 100Hz Refresh Rate 
  • AMD Free Sync Technology 
  • Clear Motion Technology 
  • HDR10 Content Support 
  • Black Stabilization 
  • Low Input Lag 
  • HDMI Inputs and Display Port 
  • ELITE RGB Lighting 
  • Ergonomically Designed for Gamers 
  • Three Year Limited Warrant 

ViewSonic 35 Inch Ultrawide ELITE Gaming Monitor, Will this monitor be your next favorite?

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