ViewSonic VX3258-PC-MHD Curved Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX3258-PC-MHD 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX3258-PC-MHD 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic will amaze you. With its ultra-wide 1800R 32-inch curved screen and the breathtaking Full HD 1080p Resolution. Including the clarity and sharper images it provides. You will enjoy the broad view while working or playing your games.

Also, you can play your games and not worry about a choppy screen, image tearing, or stuttering with their AMD FreeSync Technology.

Another feature you’ll enjoy is the rapid speed of 165Hz Refresh Rate that allows you to play your favorite game. With more accuracy in each keystroke and or mouse click. Knowing that each time you give a command, such as a jump or a dodge. It happens in real-time without the lag that some other monitors have.

 View Mode Presets optimizes screen performance for different home entertainment applications such as movies or editing your video of your last boss fight. Nothing will happen if you do nothing, a wise man once said.

With ViewSonic’s rapid 1ms Response Time, you can play your highspeed games, battle your enemies, and never worry about motion blur or ghosting.

In addition, the Dual HDMI Connectivity allows you to connect to other devices such as laptops PC’s, digital cameras, gaming consoles, and different high definition experiences.

Furthermore, ViewSonic provides a FlickerFree Technology and Blue Light Filter; this helps stop eye strain and fatigue, and you can play your opponent’s more extended periods of time.

You can enjoy your gameplay or viewing your favorite movies with an incredible stereo sound with ViewSonics Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers. This monitor comes with a three year limited warranty.


  • Ultra Wide 1800R Curved Screen
  • AMD Free-Sync Technology
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • View Mode Presets
  • Dual HDMI Connectivity
  • Flicker Free Technology and Blue Light Filter
  • Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • Three Years Limited Warranty

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