ViewSonic VX2718-PC-MHD 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX2718-PC-MHD 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX2718-PC-MHD 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

This striking 1500R Wide Curved Screen comes with the rapid 1ms Response Time that allows you to have the speed you need to play your fast-moving games and battle with the best.

And with the 165Hz Refresh Rate, you will enjoy the smoothness and clarity you need to give you the best successions and have more accurate shots without any screen tearing or stuttering.

Also, with the immersive 1500R curved Screen and its Full HD 1080p Resolution, you can view a wider area, and you’ll feel as though you are drawn into the game, giving you a unique experience.

In addition, with the VX2718-PC-MHD it is equipped with ViewSonic Striking View Mode; this improves screen performance for different home applications and allows you to watch movies, play games, and videos.

Also, another feature is VESA Adaptive-Sync; with this, you can work or play games and not worry about image tearing, stuttering or jerkiness, and smooth gameplay.

Furthermore, you’ll love the Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers for an enchanting stereo sound; this gives you an incredible screen performance.

You can position this monitor on the wall to best fit your comfort with VESA-Compatible Mount. ViewSonic monitor comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

  • 1500R Curved Screen
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • View Mode Technology
  • Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • VESA-Compatible Mount
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

ViewSonic 27 Inch Gaming Monitor 3-year warranty can you get any better?

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