Gaming Monitor-BenQ 27 Inch GW2780 Gaming Monitor

BenQ 27 Inch GW2780 Gaming Monitor

BenQ 27 Inch GW2780 Gaming Monitor

With BenQ IPS Panel Technology, you can be assured you’ll have accurate color and vivid images from any angle. The ultra-slim bezel gives an edge-to-edge profile and boasts better views.

And Flicker-Free means you can spend long hours on your games battling with your friends and will not hurt your eyes or give you blurred vision, headaches while looking at the screen.

The adaptive Technology adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing. The Low Blue Light and Zero Flicker Technology are perfect for long periods doing research or raiding with your team, watching movies. The widescreen gives you a much longer view, and you can see more with greater clarity.

Knowing BenQ monitors have been out for years, and some have been used in pro gaming on a national scale. Furthermore, this leads me to believe in them as a company. Who produces high-end monitors with low-budget customers in mind. Lastly, what is the primary concern of the average person? Is it the price? The speed of the monitor? The Size of the screen itself? All these are great questions.

Furthermore, the answers to those very questions are this. What do you plan on using the BenQ monitor for, Gaming? Netflix and some movie editing? See, each person has their method of use and playstyle when it comes to a monitor, namely any monitor. To finish, I suggest you look or ask. What the monitor will be used for before buying. Suppose your buying for a young teen or older adult; this kind of stuff matters to them.

Features: Full HD Resolution

  • LED Display
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 27 Inch (IPS)
  • 5ms Response Time
  • (1920X1080p) Resolution

BenQ 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

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