Computer Monitor-DecoGear 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

DecoGear 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

DecoGear 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Looking at the Deco Gear 32-inch monitor, we have a stagging 75 Hz refresh rate, and I know stats and terms and word placement can be hard to understand. Having to google everything from Hz to MS, let’s say that your computer monitor runs on seconds like gas. Each time you turn on your monitor, you’re hitting the gas as if you’re inside your car. Now we take your computer each second, such as watching a movie or playing a small game. The graphics for each second are put to use. In terms called Hz (Hertz), another term (Frames per Second), however, this FPS is not the counter that we see in the game when someone says what’s your fps. Similar topics, but that’s on the graphics card and computer speed. Not the monitor’s speed.

Secondly, Have you heard of another term called blue light technology? Looking at the reason for blue light, you will see that it was designed around night time workers. By shielding their eyes from the harmful glare of a bright monitor, Using the latest in eye care, blue light was made to alter the light being transmitted from the monitor to a softer, more manageable glow. Studies show that people’s production levels have increased, while the back pain and eye fatigue are minimized. All thanks to a simple change in how we interact with our laptops, computers, and monitors during night time use.

A curved screen directs light from all angles and helps you see more at once. You’re able to enjoy more gaming when using a curved monitor.

Maximize your comfort and viewing experience by tilting your new monitor to fit your needs and play style. Manage it just how you like it. You can multitask and play tough completely each gaming objective that lies in front of you with its high-resolution and never miss a detail.

The 3000:1 ratio lets you see the deepest blacks and the brightest whites. Making for a more vibrate clear screen for a better gaming experience.

Features: 75Hz Refresh Rate

sRGB area ratio

6ms Response Time

Screen Size: 32 inch

Aspect Ratio 16:9

Brand: Deco Gear

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