Viotek GNV34CB 34 inch gamgin monitor

Viotek GNV34CB 34 Inch Curved Monitor

Viotek GNV34CB 34 Inch Curved Monitor

Viotek Will keep you on top of all the advanced gaming features. With the broader view and enhance depth, you have less scrolling and zooming you stay on top of your game.

The full HD monitor with a resolution of 1080p gives you a clear quality color and a sharper view of your game. With a more profound indebtedness, you will see the enemy before they see you.

Root out the enemy hiding in the shadows; you’ll never be surprised again. The FPS/RTS display mode gives greater detail for gamers. You can play more prolonged periods with the dynamic color plus Freesync and don’t have to worry about eye strain. Truly a splendid feature when your group is waiting on others, and you have to sit there. At least while you’re staring at your character, your eyes will be less strained from all the glaring you’re doing to the person that’s making you wait.

Friends come and go; however, with Viotek, you can be sure of 2 things: their support & 3-year coverage plan has your back when the unthinkable happens. Lastly, Viotek will not leave you in the middle of a battle unprepared. Knowing all the tricks and having the tools grants you insight into the world of your game. Integrated game plus crosshairs enables you, the user, to fire with increased accuracy.

Features: VA Panel

AMD Free Sync, G-sync compatible

2563X1080p Resolution

8Ms Response Time

100 Hz Refresh Rate

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