Computer Monitor-Z-EDGE UG32F 32 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor -B08XJ14JTX

Z-EDGE UG32F 32 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor -B08XJ14JTX

Z-EDGE UG32F 32 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor -B08XJ14JTX

Z-EDGE, the Ultimate R3000 Curvature theater-like screen. It pulls you in, enhancing your visual immersions. Plus, the edgeless that design gives a broader view with multiple monitors.

The UG32F comes with a brisk 200Hz Refresh Rate, which lowers the risk of lagging. Providing you a smooth gaming experience.  

You will enjoy the Ultra-fast 1ms Response Time while battling your enemies. Removing motion blur. So little chance your foe will catch you off guard. With the UG32F, your equipped with an FHD 1080p Resolution. Allowing gamers to enjoy their time online while playing their favorite game. You would expect the clarity and sharper images from Z-EDGE, making the time you spend gaming worth it.

VA Panel is known to have the best pictures. And yet, when you add a curved screen in the mix. You achieve more than ever before.

The 178-degree panoramic viewing angle. And the 3000:1 contrast Ratio provides richer color and greater image detail.

So, for the serious gamers. AMD Free Sync Support minimizes image tearing, ghosting, or stuttering. And you will battle like never before. Facing your opponents with everything you have and win with ease. Z-EDGE has a VESA Mount that can mount on the wall for a more custom fit to your gaming style and comfort.


  •  200Hz Refresh Rate
  • FHD 1080p Resolution
  • 1ms Response Time 
  • VA Panel
  • VESA Mount 
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 32 Inch Curved Monitor

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