Computer Monitor-SAMSUNG Odyssey G532 -LC32G55TQWNXZA

Samsung Odyssey 32-Inch G5 Gaming Monitor-LC32G55TQWNXZA

Samsung Odyssey 32-Inch G5 Gaming Monitor-LC32G55TQWNXZA

The Odyssey G5 144Hz refresh rate, QHD Wide 1440p, 32 Inches 

If you want a monitor made for the human eye that captivates and reduces eye strain, choose Odyssey G5, and You will have life-like action, with incredible detailed, sharper images than ever before. Including with Odyssey’s G5 a 1ms response time, which gives you the edge to avoid that deadly hit and play as fast as possible.

AMD Free Sync premium gives you smooth gameplay that reduces screen tearing. With Odyssey’s onboard settings, customizing your settings has never been this easy; you will uncover the secrets that lie within the darkest areas. Of any game, begin your adventure today. 

The G5 range has various new performance levels and upgrades at a great price, allowing you to pick and choose the best models for your play style and allow for smooth gameplay. AMD Free Sync adaptive sync helps reduces screen tearing and input latency. Ensures every scene flows seamlessly.

With awe-inspiring graphics with HDR10: deep dark blacks, radiant whites, and supremely detailed resolution, you would never need to turn up the darken areas of the cave again. See further than ever before.


  • QHD Wide 1440p
  • WQHD
  • 1ms response time
  • AMD Free Sync Premium
  • 1000R Curvature Screen

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