Computer Monitor-Acer KG271U 27 inch WQHD Gaming Monitor

Acer KG217U bmiippx 27 Inch WQHD Gaming Monitor

Aser is a gamer’s dream; you will enjoy a high-speed WQHD resolution monitor that can keep you in the game with the AMD FreeSync Technology; with help from the graphic card and the fixed refresh rate, you will have a serious competitive edge.

You can stay in the game battling for hours with Acer Eye Protection Flicker-less, Blue Light Filters, and Low-dimming Technology and have less strain or fatigue on your eyes.

Enjoy a sharper view when gaming with the Crystal Clear Viewing 1 contrast ratio and a 1ms GTG Fast response time; 75Hz refresh rate you can play with the pros. And other gamers and have no blur or stuttering and have a smoother gaming experience; without screen tearing and stuttering and have the edge on your opponents.

The KG271U 27 Inch Monitor gives you a broader view from edge to edge. You can see more of your screen for a much better gaming experience; with the 1440p WQHD resolution and a high quality image, and excellent detail, you are ready for the gaming pros.


  • 1ms Response Time
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Acer VisionCare Technology
  • QHD Wide 1440p Resolution
  • LED display Technology

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